HSSC Auction Recorder Question Paper 2016 Check Answer Key

By | July 13, 2016
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HSSC Auction Recorder Question Paper 2016 Check Answer Key .The question paper for the examination of auction recorder 2016 organized by the HSSC ,is given below on the page with answer key.Candidates can go below and match their answers.

NOTE:-Any answer of one of the questions can be wrong.We can’t guarantee the write answer of all questions.

HSSC Auction Recorder Question Paper 2016 Check Answer Key

1- Which one of the following is a landlocked sea ?
Aral Sea

2- Which scripture was called his ‘mother’ by Gandhiji ?
Bhagwat Gita

3- Harshavardana was defeated by:-

4- A Presidential ordinance can remain in force:-
For six months

5- Select the one which different from other three responses:-

6- Choose the correct alternative from the given ones which competes the series

7- Select the relative word from the given alternatives:-

8- If expansion is written as 248537693 in a certain code,how would pension be written in that code:-

9- Which one set of letters when placed sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete

10-If cook is called butler ,butler is called manager,manager is called teacher,teacher is called clerk and clerk
is principal then who will be called teacher in class:-

11- A man pointing to the photograph says,The lady in the photograph is my nephew’s maternal grandmother .how is
the lady in the photograph is related to the sister of that man who has no other sister:-

12- B is twice as old as A but twice younger then F.C is half the age of A but twice the age of D.Which two persons
form the pair of oldest and youngest:-

13- Choose on word which can be formed from given word:-

14- In a certain language ITNIETAM is the code of INTIMATE:-

15- 0.863*0.637+0.863*o.363 = ?

16- The average speed of a cyclist who cover first,second and third Km at 20,16 and 12 Km/Hr respectively is:-

17- The sum of the all integral positive multiples of 5 less than 100 is

18- A piece of work can be done by 6 men and 5 women 6 days or 3 men and 4 women in 10 days .it can be done by 9
men and 15 women in:
4 Days

19- If Sunil at the rate of 5 kmph in still water and his rate against the current is 3.5 kmph ,then Sunil’s rate
among the current is:-
6.5 kmph

20- There are two tanks to fill a tank to empty it where as third tap to empty it .When the third tap is closed
they can fill the tank in 10 minute and 12 minutes respectively ,if all the tanks are be opened than the tank
will be filled in 15 minutes.If the first two taps are closed in what time can the third tank empty the tank.
8 Minutes and 34 Seconds

21- The LCM of two numbers is 2310 and their HCF is 30.If one of the number is 7*30 ,find the other number:-

22- 10 years ago Chandravati’s mother was 4 times older than her daughter.After 10 years the mother will be twice
older than her daughter.The present age of Chandravati is:-
20 years

23- A lent Rs 600 to b for 2 years and Rs 150 to C for 4 years and received altogether form 90 Rs as simple
interest . The rate of interest is:-

24- If a:b = 2:3 and b:c = 5:7 then a:c = ?

25- Turpentine oil is extracted from which tree?

26- In which part of the earth value of g is maximum:-

27- Which organ is called Graveyard Of RBC:-

28- Greenockite is the ore of which metal:-

29- Rain drops are spherical in shape due to:-
Surface tension

30- Angle of friction and angle of repose are:-
Proportional to each other

31- The mode of respiration in amphibians are:-

32- Baking Soda is sodium carbonate:-
Sodium cabonate

33- Acid rain contains :-
Both nitric acid and sulphuric acid

34- Our _______ lived in caves and used crude implements.

35- Choose the word that best expressed the meaning of underlined word:- i can only (speculate) that he left

36- Choose the best substitution that best expressed the opposite meaning of following word-His face bore (a blank)
look all the time while I was telling him about that exciting incident:-
a Passive

37- Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given Idiom/Phrase – To eat one’s heart out:-
To suffer silently

38- Find the wrongly spelt word:-

39- Address Book contains :-
Email address,Phone numbers and Peoples Names

40- _______ pots connects special type of music instruments to sound cards:-

41- A DNS translate a domain name into what:-

42- What is window explorer :-
A file manager

43- Computers process binary numbers which are composed of:-
0s and 1s

44- When was the first email sent:-

45- Main memory is also known as :-
Primary Memory

46- The term CRM means :-
Customer Retention Manager

47- In which year was the @ chosen for its use in email address:-
In 1984

48- What is the storage area for email messages called:-
A mail box

49- The pattern of printed lines on most items are called:-
Bar code

50- Which american company is called big blue:-

51- The software which allows user to surf internet is called :-

52- A term relating to sending data to satellite is called :-

53- What is mac:-
Media Access Control

54- According to Haryana Government’s Sports Policy 2016 the amount given to the gold medal winner in commonwealth
games will be :-
Rs 1.5 crores

55- Which of the following countries was the nation partner in the Surajkund fair 2015:-
China and Turkey

56- According to the census in 2011 which District of haryana has the highest number of women:-

57- According to area which is the biggest district in Haryana:-

58- In which district of haryana was Gandhiji arrested on 30th July 1919:-

59- In sports, name of Vikas Yadav is associated with:-

60- The highest peak of Morni Hills is known as:-
Garoh Peak

61- First time the president rule in haryana was was imposed in:-
April 1991

62- All the following are related with poetry ,except :-
Alhar Bikaneri

63- Nuh comes under the district of :-

64- Haryana cheif minister Mnohar Lal Khattar on 4th August 2015 in Chandigarh ,launched which scheme:-
Thari Pension Thare Pass

65- Kalpana Chawla was died in the space mission on :-
5th February 2003

66- Which medal did Saina Nehwal won in the London Olympics 2012:-
Bronze Medal

67- VANDE MATARAM YOJANA is associated with :-
Freedom fighters

68- a) Haryana is a plain state
b) Its altitude is 70-900 ft
code to:-
A is true but B is false

69- Fazal Ali commision report was presented in the year:-

70- Which of the following states was established by Firoz Shah:-

71- The maximum part of Haryana is dominated by which Soil:-
Sandy-Loamy soil

72- The capital city of Chandigarh derived its name from:-
Chandi mandir

73- Which film was declared best feature film in 63rd National Film Fare award ?

74- Abel prize is associated with:-

75- Which shareholders are real shareholders of company:-
Equity Shareholders

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